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  • Christina Rüter

Second-Hand: Mouldy, discarded, unattractive. Pre-loved: loved, desirable, valuable.

One idea - two emotional worlds.

What could be more sustainable than repairing, refurbishing and reselling things?

Pre-loved, refurbished, worn-wear Patagonia style.

This is how pre-loved becomes a status symbol!

Making sustainable ideas big and desirable without talking about abandonment, forbidding or loss, but instead giving them a SENSE, that is the movement in marketing that we need.

Then marketing will become meaningful again and "seduction" can also contribute to climate goals, sustainability and the circular economy.

Still inspired by the wonderful input from the BAM! - Bock auf Morgen Festival in Berlin, where Prof. Dr Johanna Gollnhofer, among others, spoke precisely about this emotionalisation of sustainability approaches.

Building on this, brand management can (and must) develop into the next phase while also respecting the future of our planet. From consumption maximisation in the mind and in the system to emotional brand minimalism.

Some brands are already living this:

👉 PATAGONIA as a large, global brand with its mission:

"We're in business to save our home planet."

with far more than its famous "Don't buy this jacket" campaign


👉 VIVA CON AQUA also talks about NOT buying its products when tap water is available!

See Benjamin Adrion post from last week Congratulations on the German Sustainability Award 2023!

And also Micha Fritz, who spoke about this in the BAM! podcast with Frank Schlieder, summarises the communication rules for sustainable brand communication as

  • simple,

  • sexy and

  • structural.

That shows:

Brands can make socio-ecological projects and topics emotionally relevant and drive them.

Are we ready for system change?

Which brands are likely to join in?

Which lighthouse projects do you know?

How can you use (your) brand for a change or movement? In a design sprint, initial ideas and approaches can be developed or deepened in a results-orientated way. Interested? Just get in touch...

Author: Christina Rüter

Blog article: 10.12.23


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