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Christina Rueter

Brand strategy

Brands must be unique, but also credible - this requires integrity.  Towards the customer, but also internally. From the brand core to the story.

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Nicole Fassold

Cosmetic creation

Beauty equates more and more to health. And that in a holistic sense. A decisive factor for a successful brand experience is  integrity.

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Bastian Burghardt

Lifestyle creation

Modern brand management requires integrated thinking. Not only in the possibilities of modern communication, but above all as a brand in a changing society. 

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Inken Cornelius

Food creation

Nowadays, food creation needs more integrity than ever. Growing customer demands and awareness for sustainability and the environment must be reflected in the brand design.

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How can your brand, your projects be strengthened with Integrity Design?

Our selected cases give you an impression of our work or feel free to contact us directly.

A unique cosmetics brand that lives its purpose.

Good luck! The young breakfast brand for a healthy lifestyle.

High impact and lifestyle design worlds for a print technology innovation.

Agile and goal-oriented process for your brand challenge: our Design Sprint.

Lovingly staged organic design for a regional crisps brand.

Scandinavian design beauty for a Swedish skincare brand.

What does sustainable design development mean? 

Pharmaceutical design codes for a nutritional supplement brand

Our projects




More than ever, only those who are credible will succeed. That's why we find the relevant insights. For a unique brand foundation that impresses and delivers.

Insight Research

positioning creation

Brand key development

design sprints



Credible in all channels. Not only know who you are as a brand, but also what makes you special - and show it.


Logo design

Corporate Design

Visual Brand Language

brand codes



We invent ideas and visual concepts. People love the genuine, but they also enjoy being thrilled and surprised. With our ideas, you succeed in both.

Packaging design: 2d / 3d

Sustainability design

Print Guidance

Mock up production

Integrity for 3 areas

Integrity United

Brands need integrity.

Integrity design: authentic, sincere, respectful.

We strengthen the core of your brand and ensure its relevance for the future. As a multidisciplinary team, we have built up profound brand and design expertise.  

Together we transform your brand into a Love Brand. Through unique strategies, concepts, branding, corporate and packaging designs.

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