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  • Christina Rüter

The new Design of Radeberger Pilsener

The successful modernisation of a traditional brand

Here's to a REDESIGN-DES BIER with Radeberger Pilsner: the modernisation of a traditional brand.

First of all, a few insights into the beer market, which is very important to us Germans:

👉 With 1,500 breweries, we have the highest density of breweries in the world

👉 In 2022, we drank just under 92 litres per capita, and the trend is downwards*.

👉 Incidentally, 60% of Germans drink beer to relax at home**

Non-alcoholic beers and mixed beer drinks are gaining in popularity.

👉 Many small, lifestyle (craft) beer labels are moving the market.

RADEBERGER is known to 86% of all consumers, putting it in fifth place in the ranking of the best-known beer brands behind Krombacher, Becks and Bitburger. *

The brand's new design is part of a brand FACELIFT that includes the brand logo, claim, packaging and advertising campaign.

👉 LOGO: the lettering of the well-known logo is unchanged, but the colour has been changed from gold to black, making it much more impact stronger. It now has a new, MODERN CLARITY, with a subtle golden shadow. The golden medals under the old logo have disappeared, opening up the space for the typography.

👉 CREST: SIMPLIFICATION of the Radeberg crest by visually extracting the core. The heavy, traditional gold is dissolved. Behind the crest, a subtle line illustration complements the medals that were previously prominently placed behind the logo. This creates a clearer and more open look.

👉 LABEL: Change to a PAPER label for a warmer, more sustainable brand image.

👉 Neck crown: is still "golden", but tidied up with the traditional crest of the royal Saxon art of brewing. Together with the golden line at the bottom of the label, this creates a golden bracket.

👉 ALL-IN: a well-made MODERNISATION of a traditional brand that brings clarity and accessibility, but respects the iconic, historical aspects of the brand.

👉 In addition, the new campaign with the brand message: "To the passion" that people show with their preferences and how they enjoy their lives.

What do you think of this move by Radeberger?

Which is YOUR beer brand?


I write about brands, strategy and design. Feel free to get in touch with me!

*Statista: Biermarken 2023

 ** Mintel Biermarkt Report 2023

LinkedIn Post: 12.03.2024 by Christina Rüter


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