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  • Christina Rüter

Pleasure, focus and uniqueness

How alpro strengthens its brand

Iconic zoom on flavour as a brand win!

3 convincing aspects behind this Alpro redesign:

👉 (Visual) flavour is the number one purchase decision factor

👉 Focus, focus, focus

👉 Simplicity and independence drive the brand

#doubling: The milk substitute market is expected to have doubled from a turnover of € 700 million in Germany in 2022 to € 1.4 billion* in 2027.

So it will soon no longer be a ‘substitute’ and will grow from a niche into the mainstream.

#Rumours that the products don't taste good are powerfully refuted.

The relevant #brands are getting stronger and stronger: alpro is ahead of Oatly in Europe.

In terms of perceptible #taste appeal, alpro clearly outperforms the emotional lifestyle brand Oatly, and has now visually strengthened this positioning even further.

A few more facts:

👉 alpro is the best-known brand in Germany with 81%* and #market leader. The brand was guided step by step into its iconic visual identity.

👉 In 2019, the #logo was redesigned with its own typography that expresses naturalness and now gains further strength and impact.

👉 The #redesign of 2023 takes the brand to a recognisable, iconic brand power in one ‘simple’ step.

👉 The #flavour is brought into focus and ‘heroised’ by a visual zoom on the ingredient of the variant.

👉 This focus increases the #impact on the shelf, the button appeal and the #differentiation of the flavour.

The US market research institute Designalytics empirically confirms the success of the alpro packaging design:

the new design outperformed the old design by far:

(link in the comments)

👍 73% of all consumers surveyed favoured the new design, compared to just 27% who preferred the old design.

A strong step for the brand to maintain and expand its market leadership.

What do you think of the new alpro design?

Already bought it?


LinkedIn Post: 22.05.2024 by Christina Rüter


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