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  • Christina Rüter

Sustainable systems

Sustainable brands, indulgence and spaces

Sustainable BEER DELIGHT in Darwin: two CIRCULAR systems with the first German zero-waste beer and an experimental ECO-SPACE.

No, we weren't in Australia, but we were in beautiful Bordeaux as part of the epda (european brand & packaging design association) conference. There we visited - drinking beer - Camp Darwin, developed as a closed-loop system just like Knärzje beer.

Daniel Anthes, Sustainability Ninja and founder & owner of the super tasty beer Knärzje GmbH, introduced us, together with Max Wenzel and

D. Paul Valentiner from echd®, presented the brand case behind the beer - with a tasting, of course. 🍻

👉 Among other things, we discussed how strongly the #circleofthought influences the enjoyment of beer when making a purchase decision and how brand communication and design reflect these aspects.

👉 Absolute drinking recommendation for the beer - very tasty - the good feeling is on top!!!

Here are a few facts about Knärzje:

👉 Knärzje - pure flavour. No waste.

i.e. beer enjoyment that makes your world a little better at the same time with the first German #ZeroWaste beer, brewed with surplus bread.

👉 The name ‘Knärzje’ comes from the Hessian dialect and means the end piece of a loaf of bread, but also stands for #foodwaste.

👉 Unbelievable: 2 million tonnes of baked goods end up in the bin every year, even though they are still perfectly edible.

Cheers #Foodwaste Fight!

Have you heard of Knärzje?

How much can sustainable models influence brand purchasing decisions?

And for all visitors to Bordeaux:

be sure to grab a cafe or a beer at #CampDarwin:

👉 Experimental eco-neighbourhood on a former military site

👉 with business incubators, co-working, ecological shops, restaurants

👉 100% sustainability: functions as a living laboratory with micro gardens

👉 Cultural centre: venue for concerts and exhibitions

👉 Economic model: based on cooperation and community

Cheers to you!

And many thanks to epda (european brand & packaging design association) for the wonderful days in Bordeaux.


LinkedIn Post: 02.05.2024 by Christina Rüter


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