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  • Christina Rüter

Political brand attitudes in today's Zeitgeist.

Pros and Cons for political engagement of brands.

Times are polarising, right-wing movements are influencing our world. In Germany, we are standing up for democracy and against right-wing radicalism. At the same time, the climate crisis is noticeably worsening. Wars are fuelling the political fabric.

Prominent figures are publicising ever louder political stances.

What is the social task of a brand today and in the context of its purpose, which describes its social responsibility?

3 examples of food brands that actively live their attitude.

Ben & Jerry's

In the 2016 US election year, Ben & Jerry's launched its "Empower Mint" ice cream and campaign to raise awareness of the influence of money in politics and voting rights issues. The brand also stands for political engagement and has been raising awareness of social injustice since its inception.

fritz-kulturgüter GmbH

With "Das Gute zeigt Haltung!", Fritz Cola stands loud and clear for its political activism. "Mund auf für Toleranz" in summer 2023 stands up against hatred, hate speech, marginalisation and right-wing radicalism.


Since its foundation, followfood has stood for (organic) diversity and variety. 1% of the diversity pizza proceeds are donated to EXIT-D and thus help to promote tolerance and support people in leaving right-wing extremism.

My podcast recommendation for this: Julius Palm in the BAM! Bock auf Morgen podcast.

Can only (former) start-ups do this with their culture of humanity and personal approach, or do big brands also show a convincing attitude?

Nike has taken a clear political stance with the Colin Kaepernick campaign "Just Do It", particularly with regard to racial inequality and social justice.

EDEKA ZENTRALE Stiftung & Co. KG with its "Germany would be poorer without #Diversity" campaign.

What are the arguments FOR such attitude campaigns?

👉 Building a strong emotional bond through overarching, relevant topics

👉 Differentiation from competitors: the brand stands out and establishes a unique position in the market (The Good Guy!)

👉 Addressing new customer groups that share the values

👉 Improving the image as a responsible and ethical company

And what speaks AGAINST?

👉 Polarisation and controversy

👉 Credibility risk if the brand does not consistently act in accordance with its stated values

👉 Possible boycotts by certain customer groups / interest groups

👉 Unfavourable reactions from investors or stakeholders

Our times demand responsibility. A brand can activate and inspire its audience and do social work.

What do you think about political brand activities?

If you think brands should be politically active, why not respond to this post with 👍 ?

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