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  • Christina Rüter

Premium Bakery Brand with Lifestyle

Storytelling of slow snails and bread dough

How do you create a premium movement in a traditional market?

ZEIT FÜR BROT as a driver.

Bread rolls somehow used to taste better, didn't they?

The baker's craft goes back to a long TRADITION, but cost optimisation has brought us cheap, interchangeable tasting bread rolls - at the bakery and in the discounter.

I was in Berlin over Easter and you always see exciting things there. The capital is not only a trendsetter, but also a gourmet.

I kept seeing minimalist-looking shops selling bread or sweet snails. In front of them, a queue of millennials and hipsters.

This is the counter-movement to the "cheap bread rolls" mentioned above. New trendy bread shops offer selected organic quality, and in some cases - as in ZEIT FÜR BROT - make the dough on site, as in the past, and sell baked goods at top prices.

The efficiency movement is creating a countermovement towards quality and lifestyle. And it's also about experience, craftsmanship and enjoyment, and we are prepared to pay a high price for that.

I went to ZEIT FÜR BROT here in Hamburg again on Easter Monday, even though it's not right around the corner from me, and spent what felt like twice as much and was then delighted with the extremely tasty quality.

As a brand thinker, I am particularly impressed by how holistically the bakery brand has been developed and realised:

ZEIT FÜR BROT brand essence: with organic ingredients, honest manual labour and with long dough processing.

👉 The shops are located in high-purchasing power locations in major German cities

👉 The on-site bakery is directly visible through a pane of glass, allowing the craft to come to life before the customer's eyes

👉 the shop is modern, tidy, inviting and lively

👉 the staff are friendly, approachable and cheerful

👉 the lifestyle is clearly geared towards quality-conscious target groups with high standards and budgets

👉 modern organic craftsmanship - enjoyment that's fun!

👉 A clean, modern CI with a typo logo and name that directly summarises the brand's USP. The colour scheme focuses on black, white and natural tones.

👉 The brand storytelling on the bread bag invites you to think about the quality of slowness (in the dough) and time.

All in all, a great best-case scenario of how to take a traditional craft to a new level of quality and lifestyle (again) and thus become the price leader.

If you also find the story behind ZEIT FÜR BROT exciting, you can listen to OMR Podcast #667 with Stephan K. Heinrich, CEO of Zeit für Brot.

Do you already know ZEIT FÜR BROT?

How do you like the slow bakery craft?

How much should a sweet organic bun cost?



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