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  • Christina Rüter

Behind every successful brand is - at least - one clever mind

The fit of brand and people for brand success

PEOPLE make - successful - BRANDS and should fit together well.

BEST FIT: Gustavo Gusto and Michael Götz as CMO.

If done well, the emotional aspects of a brand flow into a holistic brand personality. Then the brand comes across as a strong human character.

Gustavo Gusto comes across as warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous, in love with quality and lively.

And when you get to know Michael Götz, that's exactly what you experience.

This connection is like an amplifier for the brand and the person.

My conversation with Michael Götz last week at Internorga reinforced my enthusiasm for the Gustavo Gusto brand case.

Gustavo Gusto is one of THE successful brand stories from Germany: in 5 years from start-up to the fastest-growing food brand in Europe.

The brand promises Italian restaurant quality in the frozen food segment and is a real game changer:

👉 60% market share in the premium pizza segment and therefore a growth driver for the entire market.

👉 3 of the pizzas are in the top 10 best-selling frozen pizzas and the Gustavo Margherita is in first place!

👉 The new "Extra airy" segment was developed in record time with a smaller format and traditional sourdough.

👉 The promotions/campaigns are constantly generating new impact, viral content and a steadily increasing appetite for pizza.

👉 With Gustavo, a new standard was introduced in the TK chest, which is uniquely designed, consistently recognisable, emotionally charged and has a strong impact on leadership.

A brand story that made Michael CMO of the Year 2023. 👏

Successful brands therefore benefit from strong PERSONALITIES who authentically embody and drive the brand forward, creating an amplifying momentum.

2 other successful BRAND PEOPLE examples:

👉 Toni Petersson, (ex-)CEO of Oatly, has actively helped shape brand communication in recent years, for example by singing "wow no cow", the Oatly brand claim, in the cornfield or being celebrated on-pack as employee of the year. This gives the brand human credibility and makes it more personal and approachable.

The role of Steve Jobs at Apple as the driving force and most important salesman is known to us all and has become a global symbol of innovation, design, passion and success.

The presence of strong personalities who represent a BRAND is therefore of great value. Behind such a leader there is of course a team of experts, but the personality characterises the IDENTITY of the brand and creates a tangible UNIQUENESS.

What do you think of this Gustavo Fit?

What other strong minds are successfully driving brands?

How important are people for brand success?

LinkedIn Post: 12.03.2024 by Christina Rüter


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