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Beiersdorf, Dermasence, wholey, and others


2020 - 2021


Design sprints for specific brand challenges.

The Design Sprint is a time-limited five-phase process that uses Design Thinking to reduce risk in launching a new product.

It's fast, efficient and interactive: we lead, steer and guide this creative process in a project-specific and customized way.

design sprint

The starting point is a very clear question for the challenge to be solved. Which problem, with which target group, and which success factors are to be solved?

Then comes the data search for the challenge: how has the problem developed, what existing hurdles, attempted solutions, stakeholders, expert statements are there?

In the creative ideation phase, interdisciplinary work is done to generate ideas and solution approaches. The most promising ideas are designed as prototypes and tested directly with the relevant consumers. The test results are the basis for further fine-tuning.

Design Sprint enables a clear focus on the idea with the greatest potential in the market.

A test method that supports the Design Sprint

The Validation Driven Design approach shows how to quickly test the developed ideas in a real environment. We develop digital formats that we test for response on the web with real consumers.

Our joint venture with DeepMedia Technologies allows an efficient and fast media control of the different formats and advertising media. This gives us real feedback from the user/customer, rather than the studio situation that many market research tools entail.

Sprint expertise

We have carried out design sprints short and long, small and large, digital and in presence. The results are integrative ideas, customer-centric thinking, real innovations, motivated customers and an attitude that we stand for.


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