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  • Christina Rüter

Facelift for Brand Rebel fritz-kola

A new Brand Signet with more hair and humanity

The Kola rebel " chills out" and becomes more accessible: FACELIFT & HAIR-EXTENSION for the logo.

To mark the twentieth anniversary of Fritz-Kola, the Kola rebel from Hamburg has just revamped its brand identity:

👉 The iconic logo has been re-illustrated. The two founders can still be seen as heads, but their look is more humanised. The two appear more human and have a lot more hair 😃 . However, the iconic style aspects and thus the recognisability of the brand have been retained, and the logo typography remains unchanged.

👉 In addition, the brand is now to have more colour and lightness. The first visual for the range has already been shown, see comments.

There is of course a strategic objective behind these lighter brand colours:

Fritz-Kola is breaking out of the CHALLENGER niche and moving further into the MAINSTREAM.

For these mainstream customers, the aim is to serve values and emotions that are directly linked to the product promise of "refreshment".

The brand should also be ready for the intended internationalisation. However, Fritz-Kola is retaining specific German characteristics, such as the name "Fritz Spritz" for its spritzers, even if this is difficult to pronounce internationally.

Founder Mirco Wolf Wiegert says of the redesign (yesterday on LinkedIn): "....It is a contemporary illustration, an artistic interpretation of our well-known design. It is a testament to our growth, our development and our unwavering commitment to our roots. And it is a tribute to all Fritzees... fritz spirit: bold, loud and colourful, but with a black heart. 🖤"

👉 In addition, Fritz-Kola will return its company to its original name: from 1 April 2024, "fritz-kola GmbH" instead of fritz-kulturgüter GmbH.

What do you think?

How mainstream will fritz-kola become?

What do you think of the new hairstyling?

LinkedIn Post: 27.02.2024 by Christina Rüter


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