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  • Christina Rüter

Co-Branding for new brand targets

A shampoo and a beer empower each other

Co-branding: How brands realise image and visibility effects through cooperation.

The hair care brand Guhl Ikebana Cosmetics B.V. is co-operating with the Cologne beer brand Cölner Hofbräu FRÜH | Familienbrauerei & Gastronomie and is currently launching a limited edition of Guhl's beer shampoo with Früh Kölsch.

Objectives of the edition & campaign*:

👉 Make the Guhl brand more emotionally relevant

👉 bring it closer to the consumer's world

👉 Make it more interesting for a younger target group

The agency David+Martin developed an AI-generated video for the social channels: a shampoo hot air balloon showers Cologne Cathedral with beer foam.

Co-branding - done well - has many OPPORTUNITIES

👍 increased visibility for both brands

👍 Entry into new markets and segments

👍 Image and trust effects of one brand on the other

👍 New, unique offers through combined expertise and resources

👍 Efficiency through shared costs for R&D and marketing

👍 Customer loyalty through the creation of brand experiences

👉 Incidentally, 71% of consumers think it is good when brands work together to create unique products IF the brands fit together**.

This brings us to the RISKS

☝ Dilution of brand identities

☝ Possible irritation and negative associations if the brands' values and target groups do not match

☝ possibly complex processes, as both parties have to come to an agreement

All in all, an exciting marketing tool to further develop a brand, boost it and generate attention.

It is a traditional belief that beer and its natural ingredients can be used to care for hair, so a beer brand is a logical co-branding partner for a shampoo brand.

The quirky AI video could go viral and attract more attention. These new "fake" campaigns will increasingly characterise our AI-influenced marketing world.

What do you think, will it go viral?

Will you buy the beer shampoo?

What do you think the image effect will be for Guhl & Früh?

What other co-brandings can you think of?

LinkedIn Post: 16.02.2024 by Christina Rüter


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