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Forest Garden Labs has been working on developing the forest as a food source since 2019. For this, technology-based harvesting software is used to manage the forest in a particularly gentle way. The beechnuts are harvested only in selected forests as part of the sustainability concept. 

The aim of the concept is to preserve the forest as a natural habitat and to secure the stock. Due to gentle and seasonal harvesting methods, the intervention in the forest ecosystem is kept as low as possible. The unique products are made from wild-collected forest fruits. During processing, particular care is taken to keep the products as natural as possible.

Sustainable wild harvesting from our forest


Logo Design, Corporate Design, Packaging Design, Brand World.


Forest Garden Labs GmbH



A "Beyond Organic" brand story from the local forests.

Waldgold Brand Design

Clean Label Design Language

The design development for Waldgold reflects the high quality standards of the product, as well as the sustainability of the harvesting and its technology. Black and gold were therefore obvious colours for the logo development. The white label underpins the nutritional content of the recipes and the valuable ingredients of the product range. The illustrations in slightly transparent colours enliven the design with filigree playfulness, and create a visual field of tension with the modern linear and geometric elements. 

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