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Tchibo Qbo: Premium Capsule Design

Coffee expertise, elegance and high quality for the Tchibo premium capsule brand.


Branding / Logo-Design / Illustration / Packaging Design





Premium Coffee Design Codes for Qbo 

As a closed premium capsule system, Qbo combines long coffee expertise, latest technology and a timeless, elegant design. The brand is aimed at coffee lovers with high quality standards and who enjoy individual coffee enjoyment.

The new logo for Qbo shows the Tchibo bean as the umbrella brand signet combined with a revised Qbo lettering. The brand design language is high-quality, elegant black, with differentiating colours from the noble interior world and an indigenously inspired pattern of the coffee countries of origin.

Qbo Logo Re-Design

The new Qbo logo should incorporate the coffee expertise of the Tchibo umbrella brand, but have a stronger iconic feel. We therefore removed the Tchibo lettering and used only the coffee bean as the umbrella brand signet.

The square is in the center of the design development as a distinctive element. The Qbo lettering was to be given a stronger softness and modernity. Therefore, we softened the curves of the typography without giving up the visual impression of the square.

Qbo Collection Box

For the design of the Qbo Collection Box, we played with the design elements of the brand and staged them in a minimalist and elegant way to create a beautiful and perfectly staged gift box.

Qbo Pattern

The pattern in the background is inspired by the pattern worlds of the indigenous cultures from South and Central America. Many coffees originate from these regions.

The pattern reflects graphically and abstractly the beauty of the regions where the coffee is grown. The pattern gives the design a noble depth and beauty without being too distracting or cluttered.

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