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The brand of pure stimulation.

SABBATICAL is a seductive composition of fruits, herbs and mood-enhancing substances that are natural and healthy. Pleasure without regret - stimulation without compromise.

The feeling of wanting to give up something unhealthy (sugar, alcohol, nicotine) becomes stronger and stronger, and at the same time we want to belong and have fun. How can we also join in and be sociable during these "down times"?

Sabbatical: The New Way of Drinking



Your NO-DRINK drink for those special moments away from everyday life.

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Sabbatical: The time out from alcohol

Sabbatical represents a phase of freedom, of making one's own decisions, and of inspiration, strength, joie de vivre and energy. This attitude to life is embodied in this first non-alcoholic drink with natural stimulants.


The logo's striking serif typography conveys zeitgeist and self-confidence and is embedded in a black and white line illustration field. The contrast with the colourful watercolour illustrations creates a sensory emotionality that gives this innovative range its special character.

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STMNT is a unique brand with a purpose. A modern barber brand that redefines things and makes a statement. Barbering, grooming, hairdressing... whatever you call it, the industry has exploded with creativity and it's here to stay.  


Today’s grooming goes beyond ‘maintenance’ or three different pomades. Getting your hair ‘done’ is the done thing. Looking good is your prerogative.  It's about living your life and having the choice to be who you want to be, from one day to the next.

STMNT Grooming Goods

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