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Logo Design, Branding, Packaging Design, 3D Visuals


Peyer AG



Design development for a new printing technology that enables high-quality and emotional design worlds for FMCG brands.

Visual design for a print innovation

How can you visually stage a printing innovation that is invisible?

By cutting out the visual elements, a high-quality “no-label look” is presented. For the FMCG segments Fragrance, Food and Beverage, we staged segment-specific ingredients in a modern and emotional way.

The inner oval label features the name and logo of the new printing process, anchoring the technology with the  design.  Modern emotionality, strongly contrasting picture elements and self-confident branding show that the new printing technology delivers high-quality and technically precise results.

A new dimension of label printing

The new EZ logo

The name of the new technology "easy deco" was abbreviated to ez-deco and designed as a logo. The oval label holds the new brand from Peyer in a classic form, but in a modern interpretation. The illustrative elements surround the logo and tell the story of the product.

Other Projects

Other Projects