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... it must be healthy, and also delicious, functional, but fun. It should be sustainable, but also convenient, and it has to be fulfilling without being too heavy and figure-threatening.

 How can we bring all this together?

The market has always offered diet powder meal substitutes without fun or taste. But our lives are often hectic, and we don't have access to nutritious and healthy food – and Fast Food is never the right option.

As women, we follow our own beauty ideals, but we take care of our bodies holistically.

That's why we developed the brand HEALTHY, NOT HUNGRY. The delicious food range with lots of healthy additives that keeps us nutritious and sustainably energised on-the-go. We make sure to not run out of energy.

 For a healthy, happy day full of power - when there's nothing fresh to eat.

Food today is complicated...

Food design with joy and pleasure.

The name and logo directly communicate the essence of the brand. The typo logo design reflects the Zeitgeist. 

The design world stands on a pure white to convey health and functional nutrition. But the visual impact of the brand is based on the emotional key visuals that show confident women in their power and incorporate the taste variants with pleasure.

We celebrate the joy of life, of our health, which implies our beauty, and the options of modern food brands.  


Concept, Naming, Logo Design Corporate Design, Packaging Design, Brand World.


Healthy not hungry



A nutrition-conscious lifestyle brand with pleasure for the dynamic segment of food substitutes. 

Healthy, hungry brand design

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