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Craftsmanship, organic quality and passion: the Kesselmeister as brand ambassador

He presents craftsmanship, the highest quality standards and a mindful attitude towards animal welfare and organic quality. In addition, the Kesselmeister also embodies the passion and dedication that goes into every piece of cheese and that marks the Gläserne Molkerei.

In the Gläsernen Molkerei the organic cheese is still traditionally made in a copper kettle. It therefore seemed logical to give the cheese range an identity that is closely linked to the kettle, the master craftsman and his skills: the Kesselmeister.

Cheese with character: The Kesselmeister

The new cheese image should appear competent, caring and personal, and look like the quality masterpiece that it really is.

The Kesselmeister combines the tradition and expertise of the cheese craft with the modern language of the Gläserne Molkerei. His expertise and love of the cheese craft ensures the quality.


The fine, handcrafted line illustration of the Kettle Master picks up on the tradition of the cheese dairy and shows a modern, contemporary character.

The illustrator Albert Morell worked closely with us to create a brand ambassador.

The design for the cheese range is embedded in a colourful and lively design world. To underline the organic positioning and the craftsmanship, the Kesselmeister stands on a natural paper background. The organic world of the Gläserne Molkerei is integrated via the landscape illustration in the rapport.

The seal in copper tone additionally points out the overfulfilment of the organic standard and animal welfare. Three different colours create contrast, zeitgeist and liveliness for the brand image. The language of communication is human, open, competent and lovingly attentive.

A holistic 360 ° design development: from the idea to the exhibition stand

The Gläserne Molkerei's Kesselmeister cheese




From copper kettle to brand ambassador: the Kesselmeister gives the Gläsernen Molkerei cheese range a distinctive brand identity.

Brand Strategy, Naming, 2D Design, Artworks + PrintData, Communication world, Exhibition Design

Die Gläserne Molkerei


The before & after comparison shows the brand impact of the re-design.

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