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RUHEPOL brand centers and de-stresses with every single delicious food product: the extra daily dose of Ashwagandha supports health and quality of life. Health-threatening stress is at a new record high! Increased responsibility, workload, technology problems, worries about the future are the main causes of stress.

Active stress reduction through Ashwagandha as the most important medicinal plant of Ayurveda is scientifically proven. Studies show its manifold effects on health: it has sleep-promoting, anxiety-relieving, immune-modulating, antioxidant, blood-forming, anti-inflammatory effects, and more. Get your daily dose of Ashwagandha easily with delicious foods.

The daily dose of strength and balance.

A holistic brand identity.

The holistic nature of the brand is reflected in the logo design: a round circle with colorful grounding. Ashwagandha plays a central role here, because it creates centricity. The font chosen is modern, clean and simple. Iconic, striking and intuitive, the logo always runs centrally through the entire range.

Vitality and peace generate happiness.

Ruhepol's communication is embedded in a life-affirming and cheerful world. In our hectic and uncertain times, the brand creates grounding and confidence. Following the proverb: "There is strength in tranquillity!

The assortment works cross-category and offers essential food for daily consumption. The design main color is white, as this is the colour for functional and clean food and nutrition. The assortment differentiation is based on lively illustrations  and colours for taste quality and appeal.


The food brand that gives us daily peace and balance through Ashwagandha.


Brand Strategy / Naming / Illustration / Packaging Design/ Brand World



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