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Design Sprint: Creation of an emotional Brand Design


A day of inspiration, out-of-the-box thinking and co-creation: using insights from Oatly (and other brands) for your own brand strategy & design development and aligning the brand more emotionally.

1-Day Design Sprint Workshop

Do you want to strengthen and develop your brand emotionally? 

This interactive sprint is aimed at brand owners, marketers and creatives who want to increase the emotional impact and effect of their brand.

We'll explore the success factors and details of emotional brand design, drawing on the remarkable success story of Oatly - and other emotional brands. We combine the insights with your brand work and use the learnings to further develop your brand in a targeted manner and to work out its emotional core.

Agenda & Content

Part 1: Understanding emotional brand management 

The sprint starts with an introduction to the emotional aspects of brand management. 

What are emotional brands and what are functional brands? What examples can be found on the market and to what extent do these brands differ from each other? 

We then move on to the Oatly brand case and use this brand to show which success factors have led to the market penetration that Oatly enjoys today. 


Part 2: Identifying the emotional motives (for your brand)

What emotional motives are there and to what extent can they be used for your brand?

Part 3: Clarify the Brand Context

On the basis of prepared positioning aspects of your brand, we will get into the specifics of brand development. Where do you stand with your brand today and where do you want to go?


Part 4: Brand Core and Positionierung

We co-create the Why, What, Who and How of your brand (Simon Sinek model, Brand The Change-Approach). We use this to reflect on the essence of your brand, transfer it to the offering and the target group and formulate a target-orientated brand strategy from this.


Various interactive methods will guide and accompany the day in order to achieve a more emotionally orientated brand positioning. We will also discuss the visual realization of the brand essence together and develop ideas on how we can make it more emotionally charged. 

Morning: Basics and frameworks

Afternoon: Strategy and application


At the end, participants will have a holistic understanding of emotional brand management and design and will be equipped with practical strategies and insights to strengthen the emotional appeal of their own brand. 

It's a day of lateral thinking, learning, innovation and inspiration and a first step towards transforming your brand into an emotional powerhouse.


Interest and questions: simply send an email to

As this workshop is a perfect format to get to know each other, we offer introductory prices.

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