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What values will DERMASENCE stand for in the future? Which customer benefit dimensions are relevant and how can they be fulfilled? How does the brand communicate its dermatological competence and technology? In the brand strategy phase, we defined the foundation and direction of the brand together with the client and brand strategist Martina Cleven.

The new design codes reflect these defined brand values. Brand recognition was an important requirement for the process. Therefore, aspects such as the evolutionary character, derma competence, modernity and clarity became the driving decision parameters. The process finally results in a design manual that defines and precisely describes the brand appearance for all adaptations and brand activities.

The Brand Evolution Design Process

A science for the skin - with plant power

DERMASENCE combines the ancient wisdom of naturopathy with the latest findings of science and actively designs medical skin care for all skin types and needs.

In order to communicate this technology in a visually appealing way, we developed the Green Science quality seal. It underpins the brand's expertise on every product on the right below the logo.

Green Science Technology 

Brand Strategy, Mood Boards, 2D Design, Naming, Design Sprint


P&M Cosmetics GmbH& Co. KG




The new appearance of the medical skin care brand DERMASENCE. We sharpened the strategic brand core, developed the new product design and worked with the client on marketing measures within the design sprint.


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STMNT is a unique brand with a purpose. A modern barber brand that redefines things and makes a statement. Barbering, grooming, hairdressing... whatever you call it, the industry has exploded with creativity and it's here to stay.  


Today’s grooming goes beyond ‘maintenance’ or three different pomades. Getting your hair ‘done’ is the done thing. Looking good is your prerogative.  It's about living your life and having the choice to be who you want to be, from one day to the next.

STMNT Grooming Goods

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