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The biodiversity initiative of the GLÄSERNE MOLKEREI




Against the silent buzz: The Biodiversity Initiative for more crawling and bustling on our native grassland.

Illustration, Packaging Design, Campaign Idea & Design, Communication motifs

Die Gläserne Molkerei


Illustration and campaign for more biodiversity.

A round disruptor for the front specifically draws attention to the initiative and connects to the back illustration via the flying butterflies. In addition, we developed a supporting campaign with advertisements and billboard motifs. 

We design a detailed biodiversity illustration for this important initiative, which gradually decorates each of the GM products. On the product backs, the illustration shows a modern farmer's alongside a cow in plain white, while the diverse species stand out colourfully. 

Valuable things are often only seen at second glance. For the normal observer, a cow field is just a cow field. But the campaign aims to show that this field is a bustling home for countless small and large animal species. Of course, we also address the issue of how cows are kept. 

Each of these motifs works via an emotional headline that seamlessly links the image to the initiative and gives it a particularly emotional message. In addition, specific information is provided about the measures taken by the partner farms.

The "Gewimmel" campaign

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