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ANIMALIUS: an AI-supported brand design




Love at first sight: Using the "cute response" and Artificial Intelligence for the design creation of a new food supplement brand for animals.

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Communication world

Animalius GmbH


Creating emotional bonding for ANIMALIUS.

With the help of AI-supported image generation, we succeeded in creating animal representations that trigger extraordinarily strong emotions. These images present animals in a unique pose from a frontal perspective. Thanks to this emotionally appealing imagery, ANIMALIUS is able to convey a sense of caring and to build a deep connection to the consumer.

After defining the strategic brand foundation, our goal was to reflect the caring character of the brand in its visual identity. Here, we rely on the deep emotional bond that exists between humans and animals. The "cute response", which also applies to animals, is activated by the appropriate visuals.

The colour black represents the brand for 3 reasons:

Elegance and high quality: black underlines the premium positioning of the brand and appears noble and exclusive.

Power and strength: black stands for self-confidence, dominance and strength and in this respect conveys an intuitive promise of performance. 

Modernity with timelessness: we developed a modern design brand that at the same time appears timelessly professional. 


Since the brand has to work in D2C, the large, clear and concise typography plays a central role within the design.

Black as a brand colour for zeitgeist, performance and high quality.

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