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Local organic products create ecological added value and support the region. The origin from Northern Germany is already communicated in the Low-German wording and branding:

DAT GODE is set in a high-contrast "stamp print" look. "The good behind the dike" not only tells the story of the origin and production, but also stands for the high quality standards of the organic crisps

The illustrations communicate the natural ingredients and organic cultivation. The differentiation of the varieties is achieved through impact strong colours. The paper bag look also underlines the organic positioning of the products. The dark frame at the top and bottom creates a visual grounding.

Chips from the Old Land

Holistic brand communication

The entire communication of the crisps range is based on the design principle of the packaging. The natural beauty impression is created through the uncoated paper look in the background and the beauty of the Old Country is portraited by the calming impressions of the landscape. Nature, tranquility, open space and animals tell the visual story of the organic farm that grows and produces the vegetables and fruit for the crisps. The emotional script underpins the manual work and loving care in cultivation and production.

A natural, contemporary packaging design for a brand with a clear value proposition: organic, handmade produced, delicious, locally sourced from the North German region.

Organic quality from the “old country”

Branding, Logo Design,

Packaging Design


Dat Gode




Organic crispy snacks from Northern Germany - designed and naturally staged.

Dat Gode Achtern De Diek

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