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Ren means pure, clean, bright and radiant. The focus on the pure and essential is the basic idea and value of the range. The organic niche cosmetics brand uses the active power of seaweed. Algae are extremely rich in nutrients and minerals and algae is also sustainable: it is one of the fastest growing organisms on earth.

The design codes are accordingly minimal and purely staged. White and black as color codes reflect the brand's scientific positioning, and the purity of the formulation. The algae as an ingredient is integrated in a reduced but playful way on the packaging, turning the design into a modern beauty product that expresses high quality and purity.

The cosmetic power of seaweed.

A consistent brand identity.

The minimalism in the design language runs through the entire brand communication. Reduced, high-quality and noble, the main ingredient algae is added to the product presentations in order to visually present the product history. The Nordic codes of the design language radiate sovereignty and competence.

Sustainability means less is more.

We optimized the packaging elements to minimize the resources used, allow for the best possible recycling and minimize the environmental impact of each element.

Concept, Branding, Logo Design, Mood Boards, 2D Design


Ren Swedish Skincare




Minimal Scandinavian design for a Swedish skincare brand.

Ren Nordic Skincare

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