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Packaging design, visual design


Green Grizzly GmbH



An agile design development for the junge breakfast brand from Berlin.

Lifestyle, fun, taste appeal and stand out as design goals.

Good Morening Wholey

A young, dynamic food brand that develops its range quickly, interactively and GEN Z oriented. Working closely with the customer and integrated into the organization, we develop the new packaging design for the Smoothy Bowls with the Wholey team.

The design is colorful to add fun and create impact on the shelf. The food presentation is delicious and enjoyable. The visual framework provides a structure and identity for the brand communication and yet allows playful freedom for the different products and motifs.

An agile design process

Wholey brand communication

The wholey logo is staged big and confident,  to support the brand. 

The frame creates orientation and recognition and structures the design. Visualize fresh, high-contrast and delicious colors Lifestyle, fun and joy. Ansprechende Food Visuals und impaktstarke Motive erzeugen Emotionalität und Appetite Appeal.

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