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  • Christina Rüter

Tony's Chocolonely: Design Edition

David against Goliath?

Tony's Chocolonely Provocation

"Hey Mondelez, Ferrero, Nestle, Mars, imagine if your chocolate was FAIR?"

The edition & campaign stands out:

Tony's provokes the big confectionery brands. The campaign is intended to remind people that the major suppliers work with raw materials that are often grown under ethically dubious conditions.

What do the big brands have to say about this? Will there soon be a legal dispute?

The teased brands are easily recognisable: their iconic design aspects reveal their identity.

Once again, this "little play" shows how iconic design aspects drive and reveal brand identities.

👉 Milka: purple and mountains

👉 Kitkat: Red, white and oval logo

👉 Twix: Caramel colour and red and white horizontal logo with shadow

👉 Rocher: Brown, gold, white and the white logo field with spherical mountain

The campaign, which will initially start in Berlin and then be seen in a second wave in Hamburg from 19 February, presents Tony's in the look of its major competitors.

The message: Tony's does everything the big players do - but without the bitter taste of unfair production conditions.

Tony's Chocolonely already gained experience with the campaign when the brand was launched in the Netherlands. Will it also attract additional attention to the brand in Germany?

What do you think?

Will the big brands sue against it?

Will it get Tony's attention and sympathy?

Does it confuse you when you look at it?

LinkedIn Post: 09.02.2024 by Christina Rüter

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