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  • Christina Rüter

Re-design to strengthen or weaken brands

When brands start a revolution in design

Brand poker game: all or nothing?

Clever and successful brand development is difficult and depends on many factors.

Sometimes really extreme decisions are made and poker is played for the brand.

Here is an example:

Do you remember the relaunch of beckers bester GmbH?

That was in 2017/18 and I stood speechless in front of the shelves - not as a consumer, but as a brand strategist.

The market background is understandable:

👉 Persistently shrinking market for fruit juices

👉 Increasing health orientation among consumers

👉 Artificial additives and sugar as problems for juices

👉 Private labels are growing, manufacturer brands are losing ground and new lifestyle brands are struggling on the shelves

Becker's Best Answer:

Brand repositioning on naturalness and focus on impact at the shelf, also to appeal to younger target groups.

To achieve this, the brand was visually revolutionised

👉 The #logo steps back visually to communicate naturalness

👉 The brand addition ‘delicious’ disappears and becomes ‘my becker's best natural for me’

👉 the conventional visual #identity becomes illustrative and ‘iconic’

👉 the #brand colours become high-contrast, uni-coloured and modern

👉 the #typo becomes light, organic and white.

That is

👉 very bold, as it breaks with all existing brand codes

👉 a brand new beginning, as it tells something completely new

👉 disruptive as it breaks with category conventions (especially 6 years ago!)

Creation celebrates such redesigns: start from scratch, design cool and be completely different.

Strategy warns: don't throw away all the brand codes and values you've built up!

Impatience says: yes, I want to achieve great things.

The #consumer in food retail asks: where is my brand?

With every redesign project, we discuss the small or larger steps with their opportunities and risks. Striking the ‘right’ balance is the art of the design process.

‘Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business,’ said Steve Forbes so beautifully.

What do you think, is playing poker with a brand revolution a good redesign strategy?


LinkedIn Post: 07.05.2024 by Christina Rüter


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