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  • Christina Rüter


The emotionalization and empowerment of an influencer brand.

The Re-design of JOKOLADE empowers and emotionalises the brand perception.

At its core,  JOKOLADE is positioned on Joko Winterscheidt – right from the start. With the new packaging design (and the 50% participation of Katjes Fassin ), this USP has now been strengthened and emotionalized.

👉 Emotionalization: The brand essence JOKO moves emotionally into the visual center and beams at us. The inside of the outer packaging is even a JOKO puzzle, which results from all varieties. For the JOKO-Fan Club! 

👉 Enjoyment: The taste of the varieties has been made more precise. The ingredients are deliciously staged, which makes the interesting varieties visibly "taste".

👉 Colour impact: The vivid and contrasting colours of the 5 chocolates are associated with flavour. One of the varieties is hard to find again (bold change from orange to turquoise).

👉 Logo: dipped in chocolate and therefore brown, significantly reduced in size, but clearly visible.

👉 Sustainability: The sustainability promise is summarised by an "Approved by Joko" seal. Does the consumer place more trust in JOKO than in the official seals of the Fair movement (which are on the back)? How important and relevant is this brand aspect after the re-design move?

👉 Uniqueness: The look of the brand is now clearly differentiated from Tony's Chocolonely and gains uniqueness. JOKO's personality reflects the new brand identity: entertaining and humorous.

👉 Price Positioning: Unchanged Premium, higher than Tony's. 

This relaunch is a revolutionary re-design - much more than a refresh. You will only be so brave to change the brand design so essentially if a complete restart is the target: JOKOLADE has become a VIP-cult product! 

There are some examples of extremely successful influencer products/brands. 

👍 The OPPORTUNITY is obvious: with the success of the influencer, the product flies on his/her reach, notoriety and image. 

👎 The RISK goes hand in hand with this: if success collapses, there are scandals, the foundation of the brand is damaged. 

In the German food market, another influencer product from  was announced just last week: the KoRO pistachio slices from and with Mario Götze

To stay in the sports sector: THE international example of an influencer brand is the Jordan Brand. In 1984,  Nike invested in #michaeljordan and introduced the shoe we all know. This was not only the main reason for the comeback of the Nike brand, but also for the success of the Jordon Brand & Collection, which continues to this day. 

✌ By the way, there is a very inspiring film about this "Air: The Big Hit". 

What do you think of the new JOKOLADE?

Are you trying out the new JOKOLADE?

What do you think about influencer brands?

LinkedIn Post by Christina Rüter: 06.02.2024


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