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The desire to give up something unhealthy (like sugar, alcohol, nicotine) is getting stronger, but it scares us (can I keep it up, will I be an outsider, am I a buzzkill?) and threatens our subjective joy of life. We search for products or services that help us to take these "time-outs" easily and joyfully. 

Time-out means getting out of the pattern, gaining new perspectives, daring to try something new, giving your mind and body a break and recharging your batteries with inspiration, strength, joie de vivre and energy. Take your Sabbatical!

Your NO-DRINK drink for special moments away from everyday life.

Holistic brand communication

The entire communication of the crisps range is based on the design principle of the packaging. The impression of naturalness is created by the paper background and the beauty of the old country is portraited by the calming impressions of the landscape. Nature, tranquillity, space and animals tell the visual story of the organic farm that grows and produces the vegetables and fruit for the crisps. The emotional script "organic quality" underlines the manual work and the loving care in cultivation and production.

A natural, contemporary packaging design for a brand with a clear value proposition: organic, delicious, loving and regional from Northern German agriculture.

The lovingly drawn illustrations communicate the natural ingredients and organic cultivation. The paper bag look also underlines the organic positioning of the products. The differentiation of the varieties is achieved through impactful strong colours and the dark frame at the top and bottom achieves a visual grounding.

Concept, Branding, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Brand Visuals 


Sabbatical Spirits




The ultimate "no-drink" drink for an alcohol break. Taste and pleasure with mood effect. 


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